About Joey Furjanic

Joey Furjanic is the Founding and Lead Pastor of The Block Church. He and his wife, Lauren, travel frequently speaking at churches and youth events internationally. Joey holds a bachelors degree in church ministries from Southwestern University and Lauren holds her degree in education from Elmira College. The Furjanic’s love Philly sports, good music, and travel.
15 Feb 2018

Love Won (notes)

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Sunday was really amazing and I could sense the sermon ministering to people all through the day. At our church in the city, we have a lot of walkers and it's crazy to think we had our highest non-event weekend attendance ever on a VERY rainy day. Thank God! I

5 Jan 2018

Stay Flex

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“Blessed are the flexible, for they will not be bent out of shape.” -Unknown   I heard that quote several years ago when I was working at a church that was facing complete and utter disaster and I’ve never forgotten it. Let me explain: Several years ago, I worked at